What Causes Restless Legs?
The reason you have restless legs is a...


Magnesium Deficiency: Restless legs Syndrome (RLS) is caused by a magnesium deficiency.

Muscles require magnesium to relax. The body does not store magnesium for later use, therefore it looks to obtain it from food.

Because our food supply has been decreasing in vitamins and minerals over the years, the body is looking for something that is lacking. As a result, the muscles go into spasms resulting in symptoms that people call "restless legs syndrome" and or constant/daily cramps.

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Stress actually changes the chemistry of your body. One of the changes is the "rapid" depletion of magnesium. When we are stressed we use more magnesium then when we are not stressed.
Lack of vital minerals in our food supply
This mineral, as well as other nutrients, have gradually been decreasing from our food supply over time.
Genetic Factor
Restless legs syndrome seems to run in families therefore there might be a genetic factor contributing to your symptoms.
To learn more about restless legs, please review the free document titled, "Everything we know about RLS".


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